This striking mausoleum is found at Rosehill Cemetery in Illinois. A beautiful example of Egyptian Revival architecture, it features a winged scarab above the doors and the detailed columns with papyrus leaves at the tops.  

Miller-Darius-maus 2_Rosehill Cem

Note the beautiful details on the doors, which have colored beautifully over the years.  So who was Darius Miller? Born on April 3, 1859, Darius Miller was president of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad and Colorado and Southern Railway. Starting his railroad career as a stenographer at the age of 18, Miller worked quite hard and was promoted into several positions before being appointed president of the CB&Q and Colorado and Southern Railways. On August 22, 1914, while on vacation in Montana, he collapsed with was what revealed to be appendicitis. His surgery was noted in the New York Times on Sunday, August 23, 1914 — and said “the patient is said to have stood the shock well.”  Unfortunately, he passed away on August 24, 1914.

Miller-Darius-maus doors

There is a fantastic post with more information on Gravely Speaking, if you would like to learn more about Mr. Miller and this mausoluem.