I had an opportunity to visit the historic cemetery in Lee’s Summit, Missouri recently, and found that there were a lot of interesting things to photograph.   This is just one of the stones that caught my eye:


According to the information I found from the City of Lee’s Summit about the cemetery, Oliver B. Shepard robbed a bank and was shot by a vigilante posse.   This grave is reputed to be the oldest burial in this cemetery.   I found more information about this man here, which is really about the James Younger gang, but which mentions Mr. Shepard.  Apparently, he was a member of a gang which included Frank James (yes, the infamous Frank James, brother of Jesse James).

What I find interesting is that the stone here says “assassinated,” which makes me think that perhaps it was erected at the request of a family member.   The fact that he was killed after robbing a bank (which was apparently just one crime that he was involved in) would make me think it would read “killed” on the stone.   “Assassinated” gives a more sympathetic tone (at least, to me).   Either way, the stone led me to learn more about not only this man, but of some of the history surrounding him.