SM cemetery angel 6.jpg   As readers of this blog know, I took up the hosting of a weekly meme called Taphophile Tragics a long time ago.   On a weekly basis, I have put up a post with a linky and invited anyone who would like to share their own links and photos.  However, my weekly hosting has faltered over the past months.

So, I am looking for a little feedback.   I am still more than happy to host Taphophile Tragics, although if I could scale it back to bi-monthly, that would be helpful.  If anyone else would like to co-host, I would welcome that.   I think having a meme is not only fun, but it allows all of us cemetery enthusiasts to connect with each other, and promote what we’re all doing.   Admittedly, the link list on this WordPress blog is never going to look as nice as it would if I had my own hosted domain (not through WordPress) or used Blogger.   But if people can get past the somewhat clunky link list, I’m happy to continue hosting.

So, please feel free to leave me a comment or some feedback about where you might like to see this meme go, or how it should continue.   I’m determined to get back into blogging (instead of letting my work overwhelm me to the degree that it has in recent months), and having this meme keep going would be great.  But, feedback would be appreciated.