I visited Rosehill Cemetery this Summer, and while I didn’t have much time to spend there, I was able to take a number of photos.

This mausoleum for Louis M. Stumer caught my eye because while the architecture is simple, the figure is simply beautiful.

Stumer Mausoleum-Rosehill.jpg

Here is a closeup of her:
Stumer-figure 1.JPG

So who was Louis Stumer?   Well, thank goodness for Google — because I found a great article about him, written by his great-granddaughter.   She found out that he had published three literary magazines, The Red Book, The Blue Book and The Green Book, and also owned or co-owned a store, Emporium World Millinery, in Chicago.   Her article is nicely written, and really interesting.

This is Volume 11

Thanks to Google Books, I found a digitized copy of The Green Book — check out the cover:

I also found references to him in proceedings of the Chicago City council, which granted permission to him, along with his partners, Benjamin Rosenthal and Louis Eckstein to build a store front on State Street in Chicago in February of 1901.

Here are two more close-ups on that beautiful figure at Rosehill:

Stumer-figure 2.JPG

Stumer-figure 3.JPG