Kellar-Angelina-Tolman Cemetery.JPG

Now that I’ve been able to organize my photographs, I can better see what I have from my 2008 trip to Maine. Unfortunately, in 2008, I wasn’t yet serious about my cemetery photography (although this trip really inspired me, and got me going). So, I don’t have nearly as many photos as I’d like, and some of the stones aren’t as carefully photographed, compared to how I do things now.   But, that just makes me want to go back.  🙂

This marker is from the Tolman Cemetery in the Rockland, Maine area.  It’s in wonderful condition, and a great example of a curtain or veil, which symbolizes the passage from one type of existence to another.   I was especially taken with how intricate the detail is in the background.

I’m grateful to Find A Grave, which provides the information that I didn’t capture in my photo — Angelina was born on March 10, 1818, and died on January 11, 1840.  She was the daughter of Captain John and Mary Vose, and married John Kellar on April 1, 1838.