Welcome to week #29 of Taphophile Tragics on this blog!   And thanks for your patience while I took a bit of time off —- my photographs are now organized and labeled, which will make it much, much easier for me to find what I want to do my posts.

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My photo this week comes from the Fairview Cemetery in LeClaire, Iowa.   My husband and I decided to do a day trip to a place we’ve never been to, and since we don’t live too far from Iowa, we thought we’d go there.    LeClaire, Iowa is about 2 hours from my home (and really a pretty nice drive).   If you watch the show, American Pickers, you know about LeClaire — and admittedly, yes, we do watch and enjoy the show.  So, LeClaire was on our list of places to visit at some point.

However, my husband made a great discovery when he started looking for information on cemeteries in LeClaire — a website called LeClaireCemeteries.com.    Bob Jones has spent a great deal of time photographing and indexing the cemeteries in and around LeClaire, and when we read this post of his, we knew we needed to see LeClaire.    Not only does he have a wealth of information about the cemeteries, but he also had some good tips for taking photos (which means I’ll be carrying a spray bottle of water in my car from now on).    I would encourage you to visit his website, because he has some great posts there.    My husband and I are very grateful to him for all of his hard work, and I’m especially grateful for all of the cataloging and indexing he did, because it allowed me to figure out who was who on some of the photos I took.

Fence-Fairview Cemetery, Iowa.JPG