My husband and I had a bit of time yesterday morning, and it was such a beautiful day, so we decided to go to Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago.    This is a huge cemetery (350 acres), and we knew we wouldn’t possibly be able to see everything, but we figured we’d do a bit of looking, just to get a taste.

There is one section that is beautiful, and which has a pond.   And in that pond were several families of geese, just swimming along. geese and goslings 4.JPG

I think goslings are so cute.  When they’re tiny little balls of fluff, they’re adorable, but even when they reach “teenager” status, they’re still pretty cute.   So, of course, I was taking a bunch of photos, and the geese were just doing their thing…  until a few of the goslings decided to come out of the water.

Goslings closeup.JPG

Let me tell you, these guys move pretty quickly.  They apparently believed I had some goose treats in my pocket (or were hopeful, anyway), and so they made a beeline towards me.   Which was very cute ….. but then, as I realized they were quite earnest, a bit daunting.    But I moved away and they started rooting around in the grass, instead.

It was fun to see them, as well as the small turtles in the pond (I’ve got a photo of them which I’ll post at some point).   There were also the usual robins. and we saw 2 crows — and also, a large hawk, who flew overhead and circled.  The hawk treated us to a few screams, which was pretty cool, too.

I’ll go back to regular grave marker posts, but I wanted to share a little something different today.    🙂

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