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UPDATE:  Gene very nicely commented and gave me some information, and I’m following up on this post, as well.

I was able to use at my library and I found some information on Captain McKendree.  He was born on July 4, 1835 in Sumner, and died, as you can see from the stone, on June 6, 1864 in Louisville, KY.   His parents were Dudley Ellis McKendree and Sarah Moore, and he shows up in the 1850 census — and also shows up in the document for Kentucky Confederate Volunteers  at #1254 – Captain – Mustered in 11/9/1861 in Glasgow, KY.

So, thank you, Gene!   🙂

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Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisvile, KY.   The simplicity of the stone, as well as the last words on it, were what caught my eye.  Young Captain McKendree was only 29 when he died during America’s Civil War.    I wasn’t able to find anything about Captain McKendree, although there is some information about Kentucky’s regiments during this war.    According to what I found, “The regiment lost a total of 216 men during service; 10 officers and 105 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, 5 officers and 96 enlisted men died of disease.”    It’s a very sad fact of this war, and of many wars, that people often didn’t die from combat, but rather, died from disease.     I’m not sure from what cause Captain McKendree passed from  this world, but I appreciate the sentiment found on his marker.