Amasa Cox-DeKalb IL cem.JPG

Found in Oakwood Cemetery in DeKalb, Illinois.  My husband took this photo because the names caught his eye.  I did a little looking to see what I could find about the Coxe family, and discovered census records …. which all list their last name as Cox.  So I’m not sure what happened …..   Perhaps Coxe is how the family really spelled their name, and the census takers never added on the extra “e”.

Amasa S. Cox shows up in the 1860 census, with his occupation listed as a miller.  Sarah is listed as keeping house, and they show a son, C.W. (I’m assuming that’s Chauncey) and another son, Herbert, age 1.   The 1870 census shows that Amasa has changed his occupation to a machinist.  Sarah still shows on the record, as does Herbert, but now, there is another child listed, Winfred, age 4.   The 1880 census shows Amasa Smith Cox, with his occupation showing as a miller again.  Sarah is on the list, along with Herbert J, who is old enough to also have an occupation listed (miller), and Winfred J.

I didn’t find Winfred again, and thought maybe his name on census records may have changed to Fred (and frankly, I didn’t feel like sorting through all the Fred Cox records that came up, sorry).  Herbert M. Cox does show up in the 1900 census, with information that makes me think this is actually Herbert J — the census record shows him with a date of birth in 1861, which is more or less around when Amasa and Sarah’s son would have been born.   Herbert M’s occupation is listed as a grocer, and at the time of the 1900 census, he has a wife and 3 children at his address, along with a boarder.