I’m not sure if anyone reading is aware of the meme that Julie hosted, Taphophile Tragics (although I know some people know of it) —- but she’s not able to host it any longer.

I had looked forward to Tuesdays and the Taphophile Tragics meme, not just because it gave me a good nudge to post something, but because I really liked seeing what other people put out there, and I enjoyed visiting their blogs.   So, I contacted Julie and asked her if she’d mind if I took up hosting this meme every week.   I’m not thinking that I’m necessarily going to handle it as smoothly as she did, especially not at first, but I’m willing to give it a go.    I’m going to follow Julie’s rules that she had set up, and I’ll make sure the post includes a Mr. Linky, so that everyone can add their links to their posts, too.

I live in the Chicago, IL area, so I’ll be putting the first post up for this meme so it appears this evening, and have the Linky open for the week, as well.   I hope people are interested, and participate, and I look forward to seeing everyone’s links and posts!