I don’t always have much time to log on to Ancestry (which we have at my library), but when I saw these stones in the Barber’s Corner Cemetery, I was intrigued.

I have heard of pillow carvings, but this was the first time I had seen them so large (they are a little smaller than a regular-size pillow) and so simple.

I started by going to FindAGrave, but there was really nothing other than what my photos showed, with a single name and two dates.   Because I was curious, I started looking for anything I could find, and while I found some information, there are enough holes that I am still left feeling curious.

The 1920 census shows a Delpha and Massaua Zocca in Chicago (Cook County), IL with two children, Etta and Louis.  According to that census record, they emigrated to the US in 1909 and 1910, respectively, and naturalized in 1915.  They were both from Italy, and their mother tongue is listed as Italian.  He’s listed as being the “proprietor of a doll factory.”  There is a note that the children are native of New York, so I assume Delpha and Massaua moved from New York to Chicago.

The 1930 census shows “Daris” and “Massana” Zocca, with a daughter, Etta, and a son, John.  I’m not sure what happened to Louis at this point — either he wasn’t living with his parents any more, or he just plain wasn’t alive (?).

The 1940 census shows a Mary Zocca (and I’m sure this is the same woman, since her birth dates and information match) in Dade County, Florida, living with her son, John.   No mention of Etta ….. but there is a marriage record for Etta M. Zocca getting married in 1946 in Dade, Florida.

I did find an enlistment record for John Zocca, for World War II – a native of New York, living in Dade, Florida.  He enlisted at Camp Blanding and his employment was listed as being a restaurant/hotel manager.

“Delfo” Zocca (another different spelling, which is not unusual) shows in a death record from 7-22-1933 in Chicago.   I have no idea why he and Massaua both have stones here, in this small cemetery.    I’m sure I could keep digging for more information, although I think I’ll probably leave it for now.