This is my post for Taphophile Tragics, which is hosted by Julie.

I recently posted about this cemetery I discovered, Barber’s Corners (now known as the Hillcrest Cemetery) in Bolingbrook.   This is an active cemetery, but there are a number of very old stones here.  Unfortunately, some of those stones are broken, like this one, that I discovered under the shelter of a pine tree.

Coming up to it, I discovered this piece, with just a name and a little hand pointing to Heaven.

I used a sepia modification on my photo, which brought out a bit of detail.  I was able to then look up Lydia Clough on FindaGrave.com, where it looks like someone was able to pull up more details on her.  I assume that person did a rubbing, since it’s very tricky to see the details here, but the listing shows Lydia A. Clough was the wife of B.J. Clough, and was born in 1787 and died on August 3, 1861.

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Julie won’t be able to continue hosting this meme, so I thought I’d put a note here on my post —- I’ve never hosted a meme, although I think it’s do-able, especially if maybe a few other bloggers offer to host on a rotating basis?  If you’re interested, or have thoughts on this, please leave a comment.   Thanks!!!