Well, new for me, at least.   We went looking for a cemetery that we’ve driven past on occasion, but never stopped in …. and found a number of interesting and old markers at the Barber’s Corners Cemetery (now known as the Hillcrest Cemetery) in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

This stone is for Emorgenia, daughter of H. and G. Martin, who died  on September 15, 1856.  There are other Martins buried in this cemetery, so I’ll be interested to see what else I can find about them.

Barber’s Corners was the original name for Bolingbrook, Illinois, until it was incorporated in 1965.  In this entry from the Encyclopedia of Chicago, it says “Captain John Barber of Vermont came to Bolingbrook in 1832. Barber and his family claimed 211 acres near the intersection of two Indian trails (today’s Route 53 and Boughton Road), where they operated a dairy farm. Barber named the area Barber’s Corners, a designation that lasted until Bolingbrook’s incorporation. Other settlers, many from Vermont, made their homes in Barber’s Corners and established sawmills and gristmills, a tavern, a post office, and a cheese factory.”

This cemetery was renamed in the mid-1850’s.   I’ll be putting together some posts with the stones from this cemetery, so stay tuned.