Maria E. Kundert, daughter of Fred and Maria Kundert.  She is buried in the Swiss United Church of Christ cemetery in New Glarus, Wisconsin.

I put the epitaph into Google Translate, and got a semi-translation.  I expect it’s not perfect because a) I might not be typing it in correctly, and b) the Swiss on this stone might not translate as completely as if it were German.   However, this is what I could get from the translation:

Here rests in God, Maria E. , daughter of Fred and Maria Kundert.  Born May 16, 1885, died December 3, 1886.     Now sleep in the cooler earth you dear child called you to your hurdle ______   __________ your faithful shepherd otherwise thought he did well ___________

I did find a census record from the 1880 census, in New Glarus, Wisconsin, which shows a Fridolin Kundert, his wife Maria, and several children.  Fridolin is listed as being a farmer, and on the census record, along with his family members, are also listed several servants and farm laborers.