There are a number of Bristols buried in the Naperville, IL cemetery.  Many of them are tied to Hiram Bristol, who lived from 1800-1894, and who was the town assessor in 1852.

This is the marker for Ann Maria Bristol, who was born in 1834 and died in 1862.  She was the wife of George Bristol, who is not related to Hiram Bristol, and who is not buried in this cemetery.

According to what I found, Ann Maria Bristol was the daughter of Daniel Heath Orcutt and Anjeline Perkins Orcutt, who are also not buried in this cemetery.   I’m not sure what happened to Ann Marie, and why she died at the age of 28.  The record I found shows she had a child in 1859, who died at the age of 9 in 1868 (this link shows someone else’s photo, with a flat stone next to Ann Marie’s, which appears to be that of her son).     Whatever the circumstances, someone loved Ann Marie very much, as evidence by the carvings on her stone.

“Meet me in Heaven” and “Her mind was tranquil and serene, no terror in her looks were seen, her savior’s smile dispersed the gloom and smoothed her passage to the tomb.”