This is one of my favorite finds from the Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   This cemetery is huge, and there are many, many figures (which I’m sure I’ll be putting into future posts).  However, I found this particular figure to be particular touching, and have photographed her from many angles.

Frederick Pabst 1836-1904) is well known in Milwaukee, and in America, in general. Pabst Blue Ribbon beer is something you can find at just about any gas station that sells liquor (as well as in just about every neighborhood bar in Wisconsin and Chicago).  There’s a nice Wikipedia article about Frederick Pabst, and Find-a-Grave also has a lot of information.    At 37, he was the head of his own company, and “He went after the best brewmasters of his day, even traveling abroad hire the right men for his brewery. He increased its capacity by convincing the stockholders that the profits should be put into bigger and better equipment. He also traveled extensively, utilizing his personality and salesmanship to promote a nation-wide market by making the beer synonymous with fashionable people and places.”

And he wasn’t just known for beer — he was active in the community and was a civic leader.  He established Milwaukee’s Pabst Theater, which is still in use today, and he had also established a traveling library providing German language books for immigrants.

There are family markers in front of this memorial, for members of the Pabst family.