I see a lot of cemetery photography pop up around the blogosphere as we get closer to Halloween — which makes sense, since some people consider cemeteries to be spooky places.

I came across this marker for Cora Henke in Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin — and the thing that I noticed first wasn’t just that the figure has suffered a lot of damage, but that because of that damage, there is a small, disembodied hand off to the side.   I used a sepia tone to modify these photos, so it’s clearer to see what the little hand looks like (as well as what’s left of this figure).    I suppose it is a little spooky, to have this small hand off by itself …. which is why I’m including these photos for my October posts.


As you can see, Cora was a child when she died, and I assume the original marker was a figure of a child.