As my Taphophile Tragics today, I’ve got some recent photos —

I was recently in Arlington Cemetery, in Elmhurst, Illinois, which has several sections set aside for not only Spanish-American war veterans, but also a few other groups, including the Chicago Waiters Association.

The individual markers don’t have much information on them, but I was able to find out a little bit about the Chicago Waiters Association.

According to an article from April 5, 1916 in the Daily Jewish Courier :

The Waiters Union, Local 35 and the Chicago Waiters Association, which have existed as two distinct organizations in one trade, have now united into one union, Local 7, to which members of both bodies will belong.

The Jewish and non-Jewish waiters belong to this union. Now that all are 8organized it is expected that the union will improve the working conditions of all restaurant employees.

I did a bit of research, and Local 7 now appears to be SEIU Local 7, which represents public service employees in Illinois, and which is an active union.

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