Have you ever driven past, or walked past, a cemetery and seen an unusual statue or stone?  Or just wondered about all those stones in there?

As a child, I found old cemeteries interesting, although I certainly didn’t visit many at that time.  It wasn’t that I had fascination with death.  Rather, I had a curiosity about who the people had been.  As I grew older, I still had that interest, although it wasn’t until a few years ago, on a trip to Maine, that I actively started taking photographs and doing bits of research.   Learning about the history held in a cemetery can really be fascinating, and I also see my photographs as a way of honoring the dead, and those who may have been forgotten over the years.

I don’t take photos of every single stone or marker or monument, and admit that angels and figures do catch my eye more often than anything else.  However, I like to find unusual names, as well.   Over the years, I’ve learned more about symbolism used on markers, as well as the different types of materials used for markers.

My photographs are meant to document, to give respect, and to inspire others (whether it’s in the history of a place of a person, or in cemeteries, in general).

Isola de San Michele, Venice, Italy